Antiparasitic Collars for Dogs: The Best in the Market

When we talk about protecting our pets against external parasites, antiparasitic collars are undoubtedly one of the most frequent and recommended options.

However, it is essential to choose the right collar for our dog, since not all are valid or have the same characteristics.

How do antiparasitic collars work?

The secret of antiparasitic collars lies in their comfort and their long-term effectiveness. As if it were a walking collar, this ‘accessory’ is placed on the neck of our dog, always trying to leave a separation of about two fingers between the collar and the skin.

The active ingredients contained in the necklace will be released over time. In this way, the animal will remain protected for several months. It is important to note that, to maintain maximum effectiveness, the collar must always remain on.

Tips for choosing a good antiparasitic collar

Keep in mind that not all necklaces are valid. First, it is essential to choose a specific one for dogs, and with the right size for our pet.

In the case of small dogs, it is best to consult the veterinarian before choosing one. Also, if we live in the countryside, it is a good idea to provide our pets with a collar with more powerful properties.

The most common antiparasitic collars offer protection against fleas, but ideally, they also act against ticks and sandflies. There are antiparasitic collars that offer additional protection against infections such as myiasis.

Given the wide offer that exists, here is a selection, based on our criteria, of three of the best antiparasitic collars.


Without a doubt, the quintessential antiparasitic collar. Among its features are:

  • It is effective for 6 months against mosquitoes and ticks, and 4 months against fleas.
  • It offers high protection against sandflies and leishmaniasis.
  • Its use is suitable for pregnant and lactating females.
  • It has antipicadura and repellent effects.
  • It is resistant to water and its active substance is released directly on the entire skin of the animal.


  • It offers protection for up to 8 months against fleas, lice, and ticks.
  • Its system of continuous release of the active substance guarantees totals protection.
  • It is odorless and water-resistant.
  • It is safe for the animal, for its owner, and the environment.


  • It is ideal for young puppies, although it can be used with dogs of any age.
  • 4 months of protection against fleas, ticks, and other mites.
  • Repellent effect against mosquitoes.
  • Made with permethrin.

The best way to protect our pet is to consult our veterinarian on which product to choose. In this way, we will be sure that our dog will be well healthy and protected.

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