Aquatic Hazards for Dogs

As the heat comes, many dogs – and some cats – will enjoy swimming to cool off. While a dive in a pond may seem harmless, there are many hidden aquatic hazards that your pet might encounter. We tell you about some of the aquatic hazards for dogs and how to detect if your pet […]

Antiparasitic Collars for Dogs: The Best in the Market

When we talk about protecting our pets against external parasites, antiparasitic collars are undoubtedly one of the most frequent and recommended options. However, it is essential to choose the right collar for our dog, since not all are valid or have the same characteristics. How do antiparasitic collars work? The secret of antiparasitic collars lies […]

Sixth Sense in Dogs With Deafness

Dogs with deafness are more common than we think. However, outside the obvious physical defect, deaf dogs are normal animals. Hearing loss in dogs, as well as in humans, can result in isolation and loneliness. Dogs have three highly developed senses that give them the opportunity to have an intuition far superior to our own […]

4 breeds of Scottish dogs

Scotland is a fantastic land with a unique history. Maybe that’s why it has given rise to the very special Scottish dog breeds, and we want to talk to you about some of the most prominent. Keep reading and discover its history. Scottish Terrier Without a doubt, the Scottish terrier – in the image that […]

Symptoms and Treatments of Cataracts in Dogs

One of the main signs of the passing of the years in our pets is that their eyes have a white ‘film’ or ‘cloud’, sometimes bluish. Cataracts in dogs are more frequent than we think. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about its symptoms and treatments. Cataracts in dogs: what to know By […]

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