how to apply lavender oil to dog

Be sure to dilute 80–90 percent prior to application (for example, for every 1 drop of oil, use 4–5 drops of a diluting agent, such as V-6, For larger animals, like large dogs, start with 3–5 drops. In people, we’ve found a range of uses too. You will find oils which are diluted already. It’s generally not recommended to use lavender oil on puppies until after they are 10 weeks of age. conditions dogs to a safe space; Lavender essential oil is a universal oil that can be used directly on your dog or diluted. For a more active application, use organic coconut oil as suggested by most users. Yes. Pay close attention to the ears, belly and underarm. Use diluted oil or calming spray (recipe above) on your dog’s bed to help him sleep better. When it comes down to the use of essential oils for any kind of medical or therapeutic use, a lot of confusion and discussions tend to surface. Frankincense essential oil is like lavender essential oil as it can be used in almost every situation, including reduction of tumors. A few drops of pure quality lavender oil will calm your dog and naturally help relax her. As I have previously explained, choosing the right essential oil is important because not all of them are created the same. Brew your dog a lavender tea with fresh lavender leaves in order to achieve a calming effect. Tea tree oil should not be used on cats. Lavender oil releases a pleasant fragrance that’s both calming and rejuvenating to the senses. Some other uses for lavender oil 1. Two of the most common oils used are lavender and cedar oil for dogs. Essential oils are natural chemical components of plants that are extracted through distillation. You will quickly see if your dog dislikes the smell. Today I want to talk about all the ways that lavender oil can help your dog. Yes, I want to get emails from Dogs Naturally. Diluted lavender oil is sometimes used to combat allergic symptoms in dogs due to its anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Once the flowers are dry, crush them with a mortar, but without breaking them too much. Holistic veterinarians are on the rise and they may be best suited to give you the best advice on how to use a specific oil on your pet. Whether it’s for calming your dog’s anxiety, repelling pests or treating their skin, lavender oil should always be sought in its purest form. Dogs cannot tell you what is or is not working. From this we can conclude that lavender oil is a great and natural replacement for a number of chemical products that can cause harm to your pet, from flea and tick repellants, to anxiety pills. » Lavender fur brush: After giving your dog a salt bath, get them completely dry and then comb their coat with a brush sprinkled with a few drops of lavender oil. Lavender acts as a deterrent for insects and pests. Or use diluted lavender oil (10 drops of lavender essential oil to ½ oz of carrier oil). This gentle oil helps with various health problems in dogs including burns, bruises, grazes, flea bites, repels fleas, anxiety, hyperactivity, and fungal infections. When buying lavender oil, ensure to look for 100% pure high quality oil without any additives. Dogs can develop allergies to the oil or pollen of the lavender plant, and dogs digestive systems are not designed to process large quantities of plant material. Massage the mixture onto your dog’s affected area. Blend together a drop or so of oil and mix with coconut oil, etc. There are so many benefits to aromatherapy and it can be used for a multitude of reasons. You have to use common sense to see if your dog has a negative reaction or not. As mentioned above, essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants. If there are any adverse side effects, allergic reactions or signs of discomfort … consider a new solution. And they will provide a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test when requested. Lavender oil especially, contains not antioxidant properties, so it tends to oxidize when stored for long periods of time or if it isn’t completely sealed. How to use it: Apply lavender oil mixed into a bit of carrier oil on … If your pup is stressed, diffuse some lavender in the air. Never use oils near the eyes, mouth, nose, or genital area. You can apply 1 drop of oregano essential oil with 1 TBSP of coconut oil. If he reacts with any of these, consider a different solution. You can also use a spray bottle with a few drops of oil mixed with water to apply topically. It naturally reduces inflammation, lessens pain, and cleans the surface of the skin. The blog Experience-Essential-Oils tells us the following: “Most of the problems associated with essential oils whether they are for human or animal use, stem from the fact that people are using perfume grade oils for therapeutic use. Lavender for your Dog. Lavender oil is placed on the pulse points like perfume on people or mixed in with body lotion to try to deter ticks. They are extremely concentrated and using them usually requires to mix a few drops with another carrier substance, like olive oil for instance. PPP Pet Aroma Care Calming Lavender Spray, 8-Ounce, Majestic Pure Lavender Oil, Natural, Therapeutic Grade, Premium Quality Blend of Lavender Essential Oil, 4 fl. You can mix a few drops with a carrier oil such as olive oil or jojoba oil and massage it in their skin. Where to Get Lavender Oil. She is always discovering natural ways to keep her and her dog Charley happy and healthy and looks forward to sharing what she learns with the DNM community and other pet owners. The oil can quickly soothe the skin and relieve the itching. And remember, size matters. Do not administer the same dose to them as you would to a healthy animal of the same size. Wait at least 24 hours for a reaction before using lavender oil for skin care. While the percentage of tea tree oil in these products is proprietary, rest assured they are well below the level considered toxic to dogs and puppies (over 8 weeks of age.) While this is also true of dogs and lavender oil, dogs have a much better sense of smell then our own … you don’t want to overwhelm them. 2. You can’t remove the ringworm in short treatment but at least the itchy sensation is reduced. Other Uses of Lavender Essential Oils for Dogs, and Humans. Lavender oil is best used topically. Lavender oil can also be diffused to benefit from its aromatherapy properties. Since plants cannot move and escape predators, their chemical compounds act as their defense mechanism. Unlike other essential oils, humans can use lavender oil undiluted on non-sensitive skin. But lavender is generally recognized as the best for sleep problems. Spray your dog, taking care not to spray his eyes. Here’s what you need to know. When selecting a lavender oil, choose a high-quality oil from a reputable company. You can fill the bathtub with plain water. Lavender oil, as any other essential oil, should be kept away from heat and the sun. However, this oil won’t work for everyone. In other words, if they carry 50 different types of oils, yet every 5ml bottle is $7.40, there is something wrong, and you can guarantee these oils have been adulterated in some way. Since animals can be more sensitive to essential oils than humans, one much take extra precautions and really research the proper methods before actually using them on pets. There may be other uses in dogs, too, including reducing skin irritation, treating burns, bruises, grazes, flea bites, repelling fleas, reducing scarring, treating hotspots, and for fungal infections.. You should also keep in mind that the dosage is important and that every dog is different. Lavender oil is a universal oil that can be used either directly or diluted, keeping in mind the proper dosage for the size of your pet.

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