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As you know this best equalizes load between the rear axles and you don’t have a “high” front end when towing. Simply apply grease (any lithium grease) till it comes out of the ends of the tube. The first was on my Jayco Designer. I have a great many miles and years on an IS and I truly recommend it for any trailer. You can see the raw data and math used in a spreadsheet here. The roads are long and really bad. Color us IMPRESSED! They perform better in wet conditions, have fewer moving parts, dissipate heat better, and maintenance is much simpler. system which also adds reinforcement to the entire frame. What WAS a surprise was how different towing felt in the truck! We also do a cursory inspection at every stop while traveling. However, Murray, this isn't normally a "DIY" IMO. With the MORryde IS, each wheel has its own suspension system mounted directly to the RV Frame. At General RV, our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience in the industry. But they are tanks and the interior wood work and systems are excellent and a cut-above. The key to how the MOR/ryde IS works is in the name – Independent Suspension. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. If you are considering a New Horizons you might want to chat with Jack Mayer who frequents this site often. Amazing! As for maintenance, there is one grease point for each wheel set that sends grease to all of the moving suspension parts. The difference in the truck is just as big of an improvement as the RV itself! As was well explained above, the system has rubber springs which deal with the shock loads and the shock absorber takes care of limiting the travel on the rebound thus reducing the bounce. Automotive Both systems, full air bags and the MOR/ryde IS, are very good. MorRyde Suspension. MORryde recommends repacking the wheel bearings every 10-12k miles. Posted By: okiejoe on 04/18/11 08:08am Yes Contact gary or Ben At Morryde for starters, sounds like you have the IS independent suspension system. These are standard on the upscale New Horizons fifth wheels, and they are a pricey but popular upgrade with many RVers who have replaced their factory installed leaf spring suspension with the MORrydes IS suspension on their fifth wheel trailers. Identify the year, make, and model of the unit. For more information on all the maintenance, check out MORryde’s Independent Suspension Service Manual. Along with suspension systems built to make a ride smoother, the company offers many products designed to make life in an RV more comfortable. These are the options and prices for products installed at the Elkhart Indiana facility at the time of this post (Dec 2020). Rubber Springs should be inspected when supporting the trailer. Currently our brake settings are Medium (effort) @ 7.5. Odd, I've been on the RV forums for about 5 years now and this is the first I've ever heard of the lines freezing in an air suspension system. I think you would be pleased with the construction if you saw one and you should visit the factory when possible. And with their “quality As it turned out, it wasn't much more expensive to go ahead and do away with the axles and upgrade our Mor/Ryde RE suspension to the Mor/Ryde IS (independent suspension). Full Disclosure: MORryde did give us these upgrades to try out and make a video. The typical “E” and “G” tires that come on trailers have a long history of blowing out regardless of the load. If you peruse any of the RV pages on Facebook, you'll see a ton of broken leaf springs, broken hangers, and the like. The upper plate is a mounting plate. However, there have been a couple of times with quick light changes or jerks cutting us off in traffic where we put those brakes to the test and the result was less than stellar. He is a New Horizons “Ambassador.”  He has worked closely with New Horizons on a number of design issues, especially electrical, and is quite knowledgeable about all things “RV.”  He’s done what some of us with long time RV experience should have done and put a lot of good technical RV info into a usable form on his website. ), RV Swap! My honest review is that this is an upgrade everyone must seriously consider. Just wondering if anyone else here has installed the product and what benefits you have seen. As I mentioned, MOR/ryde can also help level your rig to run level with the tow vehicle. We are very pleased with ride and stability. This commission comes at no additional cost to you but helps us keep providing the content we love to share. MOR/ryde also offers a pin box system which is superior to a fixed pin box at eliminating “chucking.”  However, I got the impression you were going with a traditional “bumper tow” rig and not a 5th wheel. No leaf springs. As time goes on, this might get adjusted some more. By brand new I mean never slept in. We’re looking forward to chatting with NH again on our way back east. I recommend it as well. We are concerned after seven thousand miles that the rubber shear springs and hydraulic shocks are … Small cracks in the rubber are normal. 99. When re-packing the bearings, the brake pads should also be inspected and replaced if needed. I thought the air ride was best until someone said that they condense water and the lines freeze and then you are in bad do do. We recommend these products because we have found them to be helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make. However, the MOR/ryde IS, on a trailer, IMO and as was stated, has much less to go wrong, less maintenance and is “Independent.”  The “IS” also actually reinforces the trailer frame due to the double “H” cross beams between the trailer frame rails. MORryde Brand MORryde Model UO21-003 Item Weight 31 pounds Product Dimensions 49 x 9.75 x 7.25 inches Item model number UO21-003 Manufacturer Part Number UO21-003 Cover Included MORryde UO21-003 X Factor Performance Crossmembers - SRE, … 5. Hope that helps a bit as to perspective. I believe in the MorRyde IS suspension so much I have installed it on 2 different fifth wheels. With a traditional suspension, each wheel is forced to react to road conditions from the other wheels. Then again, they are not inexpensive. (Full Time RV Quick Tip! Every product we recommend, we use ourselves. Our RV came with three 7K Dexter Axles and, for the most part, they have served us well. Each installation is customized to the weight distribution and geometry of the specific camper, so the installation must be done at MorRyde's facility on Elkhart Indiana. The key to how the MOR/ryde IS works is in the name – Independent Suspension. Determining Replacement Spring Part Number: Determining Replacement Spring Part Number: 1. MorRyde I.S. To be honest, what we felt in the RV was completely expected after such an upgrade. No hangers. This provides a very forgiving system as to hard bumps in the road in the same way it works during a landing. THANK YOU, MORryde! It’s designed to eliminate bouncing, jerking, broken leaf springs and wear and tear on a trailer or fifth-wheel. In our opinion, it would be silly to upgrade the suspension and not include disc brakes, and MORryde can install all of it in one shot. Holy cow!!! On the post-install test ride (along the same route), you could still tell when we went over rough patches, but there was no jarring. Visit them, poke around, especially the frames and wiring, and you'll see what I mean. I agree with you nvguy, as I have stated I still would have bought are 5th wheel if it had cost $1200 or even $1600 more. Independent Suspension System (IS) could do – along with improving braking using the Disc Brake Upgrade Package. We've traveled all over the United States and experienced some of the worst highways our country has to offer! Cost. Greasing the torque bracket is super simple. Many airbag systems actually recommend, during installation, for you to put in some antifreeze type fluid to prevent air line freeze up in the winter from condensation. We did have had one broken leaf spring on I-90 somewhere in Minnesota, and one blown tire (also on I-90) in New York. NH is much more of a custom builder than Excel. Anyway, wanted to share that information with you should it be of benefit. . No axles, so the left wheel is completely independent of the right counterpart. If you are considering a New Horizons you might want to chat with Jack Mayer who frequents this site often. MORryde SRE2-733 SRE4000 Suspension System (Tandem Axle 33" Wheel Base) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. The SRE4000 protects your trailer from road shock and reduces stress on the frame. They are extremely well build trailers and NH builds their own frames which is something you mentioned before. Some 36 feet long and some up to 43 feet. It is daylight and dark. If you need to change a tire, pack a bearing, etc., each wheel can be jacked up just behind the tire on the plate. I want to upgrade a trailers' ride and am looking for some input. The MOR/ryde IS system has a “trailing link” beam arm which is, in design, the same as is used on many aircraft. They are commercial grade and don’t blow out. Ours runs spot on level and it was built to do just that. Like any suspension, the MORryde IS should be inspected before travel. I think that the "equalizer" system that Bill is referring to is called the Mor-Ryde LRE system. It's unique rubber block shear springs in combination with pneumatic shocks mean a much smoother ride. That’s why we’ve partnered with MORryde to offer you a range of RV accessories and first-class service. But the level of allowable customization is much lower with Excel than with NH. Before I did I contacted Marc Hauser at HR to see if it would void the warranty, here is his response to me. I once had a 26-foot travel trailer and managed to hit the rear steps on the road when I left the road onto an access road that was a a lower lever than the highway. 2006 Mobile Suites 32TK3, Mor/Ryde King Pin and I.S., 17.5" Wheels w/ H Rated Tires, Automatic Level Up, 2012 Ford F450 Lariet, 6.7 L, CC, 4WD, DRW w/ Air Bags, Reese Signature 25K Hitch. We have the MORryde Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes. FREE Shipping. BTW, MOR/ryde does make an “equalizer system” for leaf springs so make sure the system is the “IS” and has no leaf springs otherwise there is little advantage over what you have been towing. I-90 is very high on the least favorite roads list for sure! However, the MOR/ryde “RL” suspension we had on our previous truck cost about 25% of a full up airbag system and it really improved the ride, especially solo. They spec them in 7K, 8K and a special 9K axle system. If there is a question about the integrity of a marginal rubber spring, a 3” wide object (such as a 3” putty knife) can be used to probe the rubber spring in the affected area. No shackles. and will never own another trailer without it. Not that Excel doesn't build a very good rig. Sometimes it felt like our feet would be bumped right off the floor! After months of anticipation, we loaded up our suspension-challenged Redwood fifth wheel to make the trip down to Grants Pass, Oregon to have our new MORryde Independent Suspension installed. Created and patented in 1999, the IS system totally redefines smooth towing. I had about 30,000 miles on it before I went to MorRyde & put 20,000 miles on it after the install. We figured there might be a slight improvement in the truck, but we were wrong! First, I want to get the running gear to be as trouble free as possible. MOR/ryde also offers a pin box system which is superior to a fixed pin box at eliminating “chucking.”. Some of the links/codes on this page are affiliate links, which means if you chose to make a purchase using our links, we will earn a commission.

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