Homemade or Commercial Dog Food?

Almost all dog owners will have asked the same question at some time. What will be healthier for my pet? If you need to decide between homemade or commercial food for your dog, here are some tips.

Characteristics of homemade food

Before the rise of what is sometimes referred to as “canned food”, homemade food was the main and only option. However, in many cases, the quality of this meal was not ideal and the basic nutritional requirements were not met.

Today, we can feed our dog with a good quality homemade food. You just have to consider what our dog needs, and nobody better than our veterinary expert to help us.

If we decide on homemade food, the range of ingredients we have is wide: meat, some parts of bones, fish, some fruits and vegetables, and moderate amounts of carbohydrates. With all this, we can prepare many simple recipes that will satisfy our dog nutritionally.

One of the advantages of homemade food is that, when we prepare it, we use fresh ingredients, and we are aware of what we are giving our dog.

On the other hand, it is true that it takes longer to prepare than commercial food. If you don’t have much time on a daily basis, it may not be the best option.

And what about commercial food?

When choosing between homemade or commercial food, the ease, and comfort to find the latter plays in your favor. This type of food can be found in supermarkets and pet stores.

Being industrial foods, we assume that they contain everything necessary for our dog to grow strong and healthy. But it is important to keep in mind that not all commercial food is completely healthy, and it is a good practice to review the nutritional content of what we are buying. This will ensure that we cover all the nutritional needs of ours.

Like homemade food, it has points in its favor: its comfort when preparing and serving, its price, etc. But, as we have said, it is important that the food is of quality, to avoid future problems.

So what do I choose?

The most important thing is the health of your dog. As you have seen, both have advantages and disadvantages but choose the one you choose is vital that your dog’s food is of quality.

In this sense, and as we have already indicated, your trusted veterinarian can guide you and help you choose the food pattern that best suits the characteristics of your canine friend.

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