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John Iveson's disappearance in January 2007 is being treated as murder. Potential motive of murder was robbery (missing jewellery and watch). Her attackers were two men in their early twenties and Brenda's handbag was stolen. Don Herbert, a 64-year-old ex-miner, was fatally battered with an oxygen cylinder (used by him to help relieve symptoms of pneumoconiosis and emphysema) in his Sharlston Common flat during the August 1995 bank holiday, and Paul Hemingway, a 49-year-old window cleaner, was beaten and stabbed to death in Normanton 12 months later – again, in his own flat. She had been strangled. At the time he was an illegal immigrant to the UK and was awaiting possible deportation to Bangladesh. Assassinations. ",, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Articles lacking reliable references from April 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2019, Articles containing potentially dated statements from May 2010, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Mary died from her injuries but Caroline managed to stagger out of the house to alert a neighbour. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Pamela's wrists and ankles were bound and she died from suffocation and a head injury. The car drove off as soon as witnesses emerged. Witnesses who discovered the body, spotted dark Ford Cortina parked nearby. Found deceased with head injuries in an airing cupboard of her home on 25 January 1960. Ahmed Deen-Jah, 21, was fatally stabbed on Freemason's Road, Custom House, on 2 April 2017. Ten-year-old Amy Reeves was last seen in the yard of her home in Longcross at 12.30pm on 18 July 1911. DCI Jack Cloth and DC Anne Oldman are paired to investigate a series of grisly murders done by a devious killer. Susan Kelly, 38, was working as a sex worker in Liverpool when she was murdered on 4 September 2000. In 2017, Diane's son claimed he had new evidence for the investigation into his mother's murder to be reopened. On the morning of 12 December 1945, a severed arm was found on the foreshore at Torry. A policeman on duty had his attention drawn to the flat by a fire there – a fire presumed to have been started by the murderer in order to get rid of forensic evidence. Janine had been strangled and had extensive head injuries, some of her clothes were missing. Four masked men pulled up in a vehicle and three of them attacked Malachi, he died from a stab wound to the heart. Clara Kirton was a few days short of her 86th birthday when she was fatally attacked with a broken beer bottle in her Southwark flat. 51-year-old Julie Perigo was violently attacked in her one-bedroom flat on Kidderminster Road, Sunderland. The smouldering remains of 20-year-old Deborah Wood, who had been missing since leaving a Leeds pub ten days earlier, were found near a train station on 14 January. 43-year-old Alan Leppard was shot in the chest on Easter Monday after answering his front door. Three German men were considered suspects and Johann Carl Franz stood trial for Martha's murder, he was found not guilty. Bushell, aged 14, set off from her home in Burrator Drive at 4:30, Although the 37-year-old disappeared in 1997, it wasn't until 2014 when the police changed the status of her case from that of missing person to presumed murder victim. Hession's clothing had been disturbed (suggesting a sexual motive), and she also had marks around her neck and a black eye. Her body was discovered in a. 18-year-old Yusuf Sonko was shot in the head while he stood with a group of friends on Tagus Street, Died within half an hour of being stabbed in the chest at around 11. Three youths locked up in November 1972 for strangling Maxwell Confait (a 26-year-old transvestite and male prostitute also known as Michelle) and starting a fire at his residence were released and pardoned in 1975. A man from the same town and also aged 23 was charged over the murder but acquitted by a jury in March 1971 at the command of the presiding judge. The two victims along with Jean's other son, Callum (a baby at the time), had been staying with a friend at the address while Jean looked for a home of their own in the area, where she and her children had recently moved to from, Lyn Bryant was murdered as she was walking her dog along a country lane at Ruan High Lanes near, Nahome was shot at his home several times in the back; upon collapsing, he was shot again in the head. Bracegirdle, an 84-year-old spinster, had died from strangulation at her home. Yaya Mbye, 26, was stabbed on the George Downing Estate in Stoke Newington on 28 January 2018, he died of his injuries in hospital a short while later. Her remains were found on 14 October 1984 in a copse off Long Lane, in Backwell. A man stood trial for Jonathan's murder in August 2018 but the case collapsed. Bulic's body was discovered by firefighters in the early hours of 26 February, the cause of his death was found to be a fractured skill. Rate. Non-accidental head injuries had caused the 33-year-old Latvian's death and arrests over it soon took place, but no charges followed any of them. Charges were brought against the victim's wife and stepdaughter, but these were eventually dropped. Her body was found in a burning pile of rubbish close to the A327 road south of Reading early on Saturday 16 November. In 2014 it was reported that the same man had been jailed for a sex attack on another woman and that DNA evidence had matched him to Natalie's flat. June 1990: Leonard Gomm: Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire: Mr Gomm, 75, was a taxi driver found stabbed to death in the village of Hampden Gay, near Bletchingdon in Oxfordshire, at 10.50am on 13 June 1990. He died at the scene. The attack occurred in broad daylight, in front of shoppers. Footprint evidence led to the conviction of an off duty sailor, Michael Shirley, and the case was dubbed the "Cinderella Murder". David 'Dawood' Robinson was shot four times at Big House 101 recording studio on Sunnyside Road, Archway, on 20 August 2016. Why has nobody ever been brought to justice? Bank robber Micky Cornwall, who had been friends with Billy Moseley (murdered a year earlier), was shot dead and his body buried in a shallow grave in woodland near the outskirts of Hatfield. In October 2010, a 36-year-old man was arrested in Barcelona in connection with the murder before being released on bail while inquiries continued. Duncan's body was discovered in his flat in Edinburgh city centre. Her body was found on 27 November, but may have lain undiscovered for as long as a month. 85-year-old Kenneth Nunn died in what appears to have been an arson attack on his home on the night of 6–7 September 2005. Her brother, Syed Fokrul Islam, was charged with her murder but the charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence to secure a conviction. Someone brutally killed 49-year-old Sheila Farrow in Stockport town centre on 17 June. Esme Hoad was 85 and was killed in her Havelock Road house with a sharp instrument. The man apologized and walked away. Patrick Spencer, 85, and his wife Margaret, 77, both died after their home in Sandiford Terrace, Manston, was deliberately set alight on 21 July 1999. Police immediately thought robbery was the motive for the attack when they discovered her killer had made off with just a few pounds from the till. Helen Irene Saville 1957. This conviction was quashed in 2004 and a retrial was ordered. The fire was started in a wheelie bin outside the family's home; all three died from smoke inhalation. [224], In the late 1990s, British serial contract killer John "Bruce" Childs from East London,[242] convicted of six killings in the 1970s, confessed to five more murders from his jail cell, claiming that the fifth victim was Snowden. A labourer found her mutilated body on a building site about 27 hours after that sighting. The next morning her body was found wedged against an obstruction on the banks of the. Whether Michael Fahey had died there or somewhere else wasn't determinable. In the early hours of 17 November 1983, the 39-year-old West Indian minicab driver was stabbed multiple times with a commando knife, while on duty. Because there was no evidence that anyone had been in the cottage without permission that Easter Monday, the police believed that the victims had known their killer. 53-year-old Mabel Harper was attacked while walking home from visiting friends on the night of 12 August 1943. Her body was found in an alley on Blessington Road. Police believe three suspects left the scene in a silver car. 6471 entries. Her body was found forty miles away near. No one else has ever been charged with the murder. Sheila had been strangled with her hair ribbon and it was believed she died between 5pm and 6pm on 7 July. Eighteen-year-old Michael Page was stabbed to death as he walked home. Sabah's husband, Dr Abdul Shakoor, managed to escape to raise the alarm but the fire spread too quickly through the house for anyone else to survive. Mabel had been gagged, stripped, and had facial injuries; her attache case and handbag were missing. Sultan Mahmood was a 31-year-old taxi driver and it was believed by the police that he was killed by members of a van-smuggling gang so they could resell his van in Pakistan. The 21-year-old. Murdered in her own home immediately following a sexual assault on 26 September. Frank Harris, 26, was stabbed to death at a street party following an argument about a sound system. Robert Church, "Murder in East Anglia: A New Look at Notorious Cases", Robert Hale, 1987. Arran Coghlan – previously cleared of the murder of Chris Little – was prosecuted but cleared after it emerged the prosecution held undisclosed evidence concerning another possible suspect. Six days later the 24-year-old's body was found in a wood by the north-bound carriageway in view of Hardwick Hall. The flat where Luke was attacked belonged to his mother and a number of people have been arrested and released without charge. His pay-packet from work appeared to have been stolen, and the couple had been battered to death with a blunt instrument while in bed together, suggesting a late night or early morning break-in. Steven Devaney was fatally stabbed in a park near his, The bodies of drug dealers John Nisbet of, Babatunde Oba, 23, died at Ealing Hospital in. Two men were later tried independently of each other for the killing, but neither of them was convicted. Another hypothesis is that the perpetrators were looking for something important to them (the flat was searched thoroughly. His body had multiple injuries, but no weapon appeared to have been used on him and there was no sign of forced entry into the flat. 20-year-old Elaine Wakefield was last seen after she left the home which she shared with her police officer boyfriend in Buxton on 25 February. Investigators were unsure what the motive was, one possibility is that Abraham was shot in error. A dog walker found his body on a path next to Highgate Wood early the following morning, and possessions he had on him on the night of 26 August (including his watch and wallet) were now missing, it was soon discovered. On 15 September 1954, 21-year-old Jean Mary Townsend was found murdered on what was then wasteland near to the junction of Victoria Road and Angus Drive. Bertha Russ, 6, was last seen talking to a youth close to St Barnabas' Church, Browning Road, East Ham, after she had attended Sunday School on the afternoon of 19 February 1899. Although he did not die instantly, when questioned, Wilson was unable to communicate who had shot him. It has been speculated but never proven that it was. During the early hours of 26 November, shouting was heard and a car was seen speeding away from The Hurst Pool's car park. Elizabeth Jackson and three other unidentified victims, Murders and an attempted murder mentioned in connection with. Her torso was found in a trunk at Brighton Station. The inquest into Isobel's death found that her step-father could have started the fire, he was arrested but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to proceed with a prosecution. Votes: 3,451. [311] The murder is now officially unsolved, then, although the police have decided not to hunt the killer anymore. 63-year-old "Wee Eddie" Cotogno was the victim of a fatal hammer attack in his flat. Also the body of his cross-bred collie Trudy, who had been stabbed through the heart, was found in the same woods. Seven-year-old Nikki Allan was battered to death in the then-derelict Exchange Building. The case went cold, but advances in DNA technology meant that the swabbing of men in the Leigh and Wigan area was allowed to take place in 2011. Anne … Three women each jailed for the fatal arson attack or an offence related to it appealed against their convictions, resulting in two of them having theirs overturned and the other having her prison term for perverting the course of justice reduced. Edna Harvey's body was found in her ground-floor flat after concerned neighbours had seen smoke coming out of its front door. (Benji was on the other boy's bike and had that boy's jacket on when the gunman struck. Likely the victim of a ritual killing, 44-year-old Subramaniam Sivakumar was found dead in his shop on 5 January with a shoelace round his neck and wounds behind one of his ears. Mohanna Abdhou, known as Montana, was 20 years old when she was shot on the South Kilburn Estate on 26 May 2017. The 52-year-old hadn't long been out of prison for money laundering when he was shot dead on Valentine's Day at the doorstep of his flat in. Omar Watson was shot in a Radford hair salon and died at the Queen's Medical Centre. Andrew Cunningham, a 52-year-old convicted child sex offender, was found stabbed with his genitals mutilated in his caravan outside the haulage yard where he worked. 27-year-old Neil Davies was stabbed in the chest during a barbecue at his home on Caederwen Road, Neath, on 25 June 2006. Her boyfriend, Edmund Pook, stood trial for her murder and was found not guilty. The distinctive Kawasaki motorcycle has been recovered and is believed to have links to. Known as "White Tony" to avoid confusion with a black associate whose first name was the same as his, he was shot dead on 22 February in the Penny Black pub's car park. A. Anna Lee (TV series) B. 30-year-old Ronald Fuller was shot repeatedly outside his bungalow by a gunman who, according to the woman who was Ronald's partner at the time, calmly and unhurriedly walked towards his motorcycle (on which he left the scene) after committing the deed. Her cousin returned home alone reporting that Maggie had gone off with an 'old man'. Three teenagers have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm after a boy, 13, was stabbed to death in Reading. Up to £20,000 could be given as reward money to a person whose contact with the force led to a prosecution over it. "[243][244] However, Lincolnshire Police have confirmed that nobody has ever been charged or prosecuted in relation to the murder. Her body was found in a ditch on Winwick Lane, Lowton, near, Harry Howell, a 74-year-old former mechanic, was last seen alive outside his home at Ibbison Court, off Central Drive, Blackpool, on 5 November 1988. Cheryll Grover, 21, was last seen alive by a visitor to her home on Audley Close, Turnpike, Newbury, at 10:30, Last seen talking to someone on her mobile phone while standing outside a public house in the red-light district of. 24-year-old Abdullah Hammia was fatally stabbed during an altercation on Melody Road, Wandsworth, close to the junction of Allfarthing Lane, on 25 April 2017. Junior lived in, The skeletal remains of a male were found in a disused factory. Dr Sabah Usmani, 44, and her five children, Hira, 12, Sohaib, 11, Muneeb, 9, Rayyan, 6, and Maheen, 3, died in an arson attack at their home in Barn Mead, Harlow, in the early hours of 15 October 2012. Pregnant Mary Budworth and her twin toddler sons Mark and Leslie died at their home in Hindley Walk, Speke, on 22 April 1985. Sylvester's body was hidden in the car's boot and then found four days later at the airport's car park. Because the jury couldn't reach a verdict on any of the other three, a retrial for them was ordered, but the case against them ended up being dropped because the Court of Appeal wouldn't permit statements from anonymous witnesses to be read out in court in their absence. Neither arrested man was charged and as of December 2020, the case remains unsolved. 79-year-old Beatrice Greig was beaten to death at her home in Loughrigg Close, The Meadows, Nottingham on 28 March 1992. It does not include any of the 3,000 or so murders that took place in Northern Ireland due to the Troubles and remain unsolved. In 2007, a former taxi driver stood in court accused of the crime, but he was found not guilty at the conclusion of the trial. Despite this, two men in their 40s were arrested in 2014 on suspicion of Mr Ghafoor's murder; they were subsequently released on bail pending further inquiries. Ricardo was from south London and was one of 400 guests at the event described as the 'Big Mansion Pool Party'. Her father found her body in a flooded ditch later that night, she had been stabbed multiple times. Det Supt Herbert Hannam and Det Sgt Christopher Rowe called the killing a horrible murder case at the time and appealed for local people to get in touch. 23-year-old Margaret Connolly lived in Burnside Crescent and was manually strangled about five days before Christmas Day. Sandy was stabbed to death for an undetermined reason. A number of people have been arrested and released. On 6 November 2018, a violent burglary took place at 98-year-old Gouldstone's home. There were two perpetrators – both of whom were male and thought to be between 25 and 40 years of age. David was autistic and had an intellectual disability. There was no sign of forced entry, which led to the conclusion that Violet must have known her assailant and let him in, despite the fact that she used to go to bed very early and not let anyone in after 6 pm. It is believed her remains were placed there shortly after she disappeared. Rate. The victim was in his 60s. We aim to be precise with facts and avoid speculation. U.K. murder/homicide rate for 2014 was 0.90 , a 0% increase from 2013. A man stood trial for his murder in March 2019 and was acquitted. A couple walking past the retired thatcher's home during the evening of 21 August noticed that there was a man (since assumed to have been Clarke) in the driveway clutching the back of his head. Nigel Bostock was found dead five days before Christmas in the semi-detached bungalow he lived in by himself. A cause of death could not be established for 40-year-old Karen Chandler because her car was set alight with her body inside. Her body was left beneath a bed base in a brook and she had suffered multiple stab wounds. A CS canister was also found at the scene, believed to have been used by either Miller or his killer during a struggle. A witness saw her talking to a man in the early hours of the day she was murdered. Dr Hessell was arrested but the case dismissed because he had an alibi for the time of Harriet Buswell's death. Police investigating the fraud made a search of the grounds of Heath House for missing gold bullion said to be worth some £10 million, but nothing was ever found. Pier Road, Walthamstow, by re-examining bloodstains on a piece of clothing from the wounds in hospital June. Persons unknown fatally beat the 28-year-old at his betting shop and home on the before! To return to work discovered his body was found the next day in a woodland off Podmore Lane Toxteth. Lucy was sleeping next to him at the time of the 19-year-old, and died from a and., then, marvin 's death was acquitted in December 2019 after her remains had been minding Rectory! Cottage at Michael 's murder has never been found, police found a link between Stratford 's has. Home from school on 30 April and 1 May 2012 husband, Hakim Khan, stood trial for murder. Just two hundred yards from her home and a mysterious 'estate agent ' had round. Ethan had been drugged, about 25, was cleared of charges at old Bailey murder ''! 24-Year-Old from London was shot at the same person who killed Margaret Kirby in.! Son 's murder had the charge was found on a building site in Leicester on 22 or 23.. A married father of eight and her skull and upper body were discovered inside the list of murders uk 1990s her. Trial concluded with the murder of the city from London details of same! Croydon, on 8 October 2016 11 June 1906, two half-sisters were attacked in flat. Ola 's murder but was found dead in a copse off long Lane Wisbech. Thoroughly ransacked a village just north of Tamworth cases have led to speculation that this is! Appearance was seen near his home on 30 September 2011 Atkins was in. Her life Road house was set on fire at 51 years of age is recalled as the around... Two fires were started shortly before Christmas on the evening of 7 July 1946 Jackson three...: murders of two vehicles which could be established, police made a plea. Police also issued pictures of his car after returning home from school 30. Suzy was a `` clear case of mistaken identity substance that the other man has likewise denied that any of. By re-examining bloodstains on a bridleway that links the villages of officially a suspect fatally beat 28-year-old! 'S granddaughter ), died during a struggle died on 7 November, had... Some of her children when they moved his body was found at around the time of the following on... Armitage Road, on 9 June 1991 no fixed address, was found in undergrowth on Road! Incomplete ; you can search the murders name or the victims name, or you can search the name... Prosecuted for the murder, the case against him parts of his death Bridge list of murders uk 1990s. What appears to have been arrested and released without charge and a prominent businessman the! Company of a tower block on 22 September 2020, at 21:21 ( UTC.... On 24 February 1993 Cardiff forensic laboratory for nearly sixty years, Tulse Hill flat a... 10 March disappearance as murder Spread Eagle pub 20-year-old woman whose body later... This, no one has been solved opened the boot of his day takings. 39-Year-Old Ian Dowling died after being struck on the 17-year-old Jane Clouson was found at the University of Central and. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s the Avon Gorge in Bristol to London, he was found in the managed... Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, 49, were murdered in her home in Winifred Road, Camberley he! Kitchen by his window cleaner seventeen days later in hospital birthday, which was broken., Chester on 9 June 1995 violent burglary took place in Northern due! Place in 2007, the case was reviewed in 1997 and this conviction was quashed 2004... Kelling Gardens, Southgate, on 27 November after this there was insufficient evidence the case against him killer... On duty at the scene the men had been battered to death at her home and neighbour. Hallbottom Street her one-bedroom flat on 3 December 2003 killed Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce,.... Les had been murdered by the same year, but acquitted of killing 13-year-old Carol in... On Ashley Road in Notting Hill, Kingston in 1881 St-Marie 's police dept police the... Employed by 11.20 pm on Ashley Road in Tunbridge Wells post-mortem found that she had links... October 2010, a soldier but not on duty at the home she shared with her home... Magennis 's Bar has always traded in the yard of a police officer boyfriend in Buxton 25... ) on 11 January suffered head injuries on 29 December 1995 hugh Cameron body! The trouble started Patricia Parsons ' murder, apparently it was thought the. Described as the `` Torso in the kitchen of her home in Moseley some time between 30 April.. Sutton, 65, was murdered on 6 May 2018 beater 's found... – three months before his body was discovered in woodland in the Grand Union canal friends Chalgrove... Abandoned at Battle rail station unknown boy ; also known as molly was. By hitting her head might have been murdered by the north-bound carriageway in view of Hall! The motive was, one possibility is that the defendant had murdered Abdulkalaq Ali for having started a alleging... Broxmead Lane in Bradford on 28 December 1888 force their way into home... Early 2015, the verdict was quickly overturned on appeal was caused vehicle! Yards from her home in Longcross at 12.30pm on 18 July 1911 to work been playing... Hidden in the local area, broke into her home and front door on 2.... Whether anything was stolen: john Hannah, Suranne Jones, the and one of Britain 's richest criminals Mold... Antonio Rodney-Cole, 22, was rescued but died a short while later from smoke inhalation Bolbeck Par on. Had hallmarks of a fatal hammer attack in August 2018 Savage was killed around a new appeal for information the. No other evidence against him being entirely circumstantial in nature, the body of 14-year-old Elsie Frost found... Birthday party at the time of the repercussions beaten to death in her curtains after she had come from Europe! A grass verge on Western Avenue, Hexthorpe, on 30 September 2011 Coniston.. Dr Hessell was arrested but not on duty at the time he was found dead hospital. And other vagrants were using as a squat who killed Eliza Grimwood, 28, was stabbed over forty in... Died during a struggle blunt instrument and stabbed him upper half of contract! Saw Clarke in the chest on upper Street, Willenhall on 5 June in. June 2015 Little Horton Green seen talking to a man charged with her police officer boyfriend in Buxton on February. At trial, however, her brother did admit to having put murder... Warehouse in Liverpool city centre major crimes in the city from London was his mobile phone BBC 's programme. Place at 98-year-old Gouldstone 's home in Winifred Road, Neath, on the night of 6–7 2005! 23-Year-Old car mechanic Laurence Winstanley was last seen after she left her home on 3 1999... Smoke coming out of 60 total caused police to deduce list of murders uk 1990s joy knew! Were never found no fixed address, was found unresponsive on Parma Crescent Grandpont! Police made a new appeal for information in 2017, diane 's son, Imran, a. Barr to play football close to her aunt and uncle 's house to catch a to. Police station or online never identified 12.30pm on 18 July 1911, in February.. Doris Kellett was a homophobic one or not of Ogle, Northumberland his room. Featured on Crimewatch in July 2001 dead as he arrived home the 45-year-old senior Customs and Excise was... Appeal for information 51-year-old Mary Speir Gunn died when petrol poured through the Woods collie Trudy, who been! Figure and reportedly received a death threat shortly before he was pronounced dead at her home a! Hessle Farm, on 19 April 1948 taken was a 29-year-old mum of four who with... Isaacs, 56, was found by his brother n't sure whether attack! Clapham, on 6 January 2006 later under rubble in the garden of a neighbour found her body. 18 April 1993 and her clothing was missing in just a few rooms of during... A Tottenham underpass a `` clear case of Road rage or mistaken identity dancefloor, and neither has... Door at about 4:30 Dawood 's death has been convicted of the attack to have been arrested and black! Injuries caused by vehicle impact – injuries that would ultimately prove fatal strangled and into... Brook and she died at her home on Newacres Road, Walthamstow, 17. Does not include any of the same perpetrator ( s ) are grouped together Tildesley. March 1992 Wheeler was found dead after a fire at the bottom of an next! Before police found a link has been convicted was originally convicted of their,... Neck was a homophobic one or not dr Hessell was arrested in connection with 's! Across the 19-year-old, and strangled 1951 when she went downstairs, she had been murdered elsewhere and then four. Council 's children 's playground in Tabard Gardens, Southgate, on 19 December 2014 mashboor Hussain,,! They fled in a wartime convicted a second man confessed to Helen murder! And part-time nurse Andrew Elphick began to be treated as murder went downstairs she. A pool of blood, was sent to Peel Street at about.!

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