What Are the Cleanest Dog Breeds?

A dog at home is a good option to have company, safety, and affection. However, pets require protection and dedication. One of the care that can cause you difficulties is hygiene. This is why it is important to know which are the cleanest dog breeds.

It is clear that cleaner dog breeds do not imply an omission in the hygiene measures that you must maintain. Pets always require proper periodic cleaning. This prevents diseases, unpleasant odors, and infections for you and your dog.

However, there are cleaner dog breeds because their fur has special characteristics. They are also more dogs to learn to control sphincters. For these reasons, they facilitate the application of the usual hygienic measures. These are some of those races:

The Maltese, one of the cleanest dog breeds

Maltese are one of the most playful and affectionate dogs. In addition, it belongs to cleaner dog breeds, as it does not release the hair. This is because their fur is well attached to the skin. His hair is abundant, smooth, soft and grows a lot.

In any case, it is better to cut your hair for comfort and hygiene. Similarly, cleaning, haircut and brushing should be performed frequently. In any case, the qualities of this breed facilitate the cleaning of the dog and the home.

Similarly, this pet easily adapts to any place in the house. In addition, it is a small dog that, despite its size, is strong and agile. It simply requires daily walks and walks, making it an excellent companion.

Standard poodle

The standard poodle is another breed of dog that is very clean. He has curly, woolly and thick hair, but this is consistent and glued to the skin. This is the reason why this dog breed does not release fluff. As a recommendation, it is necessary to brush daily so that no knots are formed.

This breed stands out that it is medium-sized, very intelligent, active and faithful. This makes it very apt to be trained. It also highlights its elegance and nobility, which makes it an ideal pet for the home.

Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is also considered one of the cleanest dog breeds. His hair is long, very thin and does not fall out. However, their fur requires frequent cleaning and brushing at least once a week.

Although in principle it is a bit difficult, they learn well to control sphincters. This is a small breed and very suitable for small living spaces. They have a strong, dominant personality and demand a lot of attention. In return, they are very affectionate and playful.

Boston terrier

The Boston Terrier is a beautiful pet and is also part of the cleaner dog breeds. His hair is long and can be golden, white or black. He has no problems with hair loss, and they hardly require occasional baths and good brushing of his hair.

It is a medium-sized dog, easy to care for and can be in a small apartment. They are very playful, active and require daily exercise. They are adaptable and can live with cats and other pets if properly educated.


The greyhound is an agile, docile, playful and obedient dog, and they have a special instinct for hunters. In addition, they help a lot with cleaning, because your hair is short and firm. As for their hygiene, they require only proper cleaning on an occasional basis. However, it is recommended to brush your hair frequently.

It is within the breeds of dogs that do not require rigorous aesthetic care. However, it must be kept in good cleanliness. The bathroom is on average every six to eight weeks. They also need daily walking routines because they do not support confinement.


This is another breed of dog that is highly hygienic and does not release the hair. They have a variety in the texture of their fur, which can be curly, smooth, soft or rough. They are playful, like water and have a lot of swimming skills.

It is a clean breed and very suitable for living with children. In addition, it does not produce allergies in those who are sensitive to suffer from these discomforts. Also, this pet is considered very useful to serve as a guide in people with visual impairment.

Portuguese Water Dog

This dog is very intelligent, active and has a special taste for water. Although they are independent, they also develop a great attachment to their owners. In addition, they require daily walking and exercise routines.

The Portuguese water dog has a wavy or curly coat and does not change hair. It is considered a hypoallergenic race. That is, there is a very low risk of allergies in humans. As for his hygiene, it is advisable to bathe him frequently, as well as brush his hair daily to avoid getting tangled.

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